The Blessing Pipeline

A few Sundays ago I taught on something called “the Blessing Pipeline”. It was a conceptual crystallization for me after much reflection on the theological concepts of Blessing and Covenant. It all began for me with the experience universally shared by all sooner or later – the sense of being stuck in my life. ThatContinue reading “The Blessing Pipeline”

A French Monk On His Murder By Terrorists

After the Paris and Beirut attacks I found myself despairing a bit. Not able to find my higher ground, the higher plane of confidence and hope in God, I floundered for a bit, until I read this: Then a glimmer returned, pointing the way to the Ancient Path. I cannot imagine such a transitionContinue reading “A French Monk On His Murder By Terrorists”

Church Planting for Atheists

With the recent hoopla of the new phenomenon of “Atheist churches” popping up in Europe and America, and their very first apparent “schism”, I wanted to offer my (free) professional consulting on how this could be a prime opportunity for “Atheist Church Planting.” We in the church know how schism can oftentimes be pre-empted orContinue reading “Church Planting for Atheists”