7 Things a Protestant Minister Can Learn at a Benedictine Monastery

St. Benedict Center, Schuyler, Nebraska

I’ve been spending this week at a Benedictine Monastery in Nebraska taking my final class for ordination in the Evangelical Covenant Church. It has been a beautiful week of self-examination, spiritual direction, counseling, and pastoral health. I mean it when I say that churches are the better for it when their pastors are required to go through stuff like this, and surrounded by people like this. Hooking up with old friend and mentor Don Robinson has been sweet, and hanging out with other Covenant pastors from as far and wide as LA, Twin Cities, Colorado, Chicago, Oklahoma, has been really great. During our time here we are each required to individually visit with a “shrink” and in case you are wondering, yes, I am certifiably cuckoo. But all kidding aside, for pastors to have shrinks and therapists and counselors that work in tandem with the denomination’s coaches, spiritual directors, and mentors… this is a tremendous asset, because healthy pastors lead healthy churches. Continue reading “7 Things a Protestant Minister Can Learn at a Benedictine Monastery”