unBROKEN: Hitting Rock Bottom & Finding God There

Years ago I heard a compelling story about a WWII vet who survived a Japanese prison camp only to go back to that camp years later – to forgive his former captors. I believe I first heard about this story in a sermon by Tim Keller. It was so compelling I looked it up andContinue reading “unBROKEN: Hitting Rock Bottom & Finding God There”

#GODonFILM: Exegeting X-MEN

I really enjoyed our talk on X-Men: First Class for the new GOD on FILM series at Harvest Houston Church; preached my heart out and felt a connection with the audience, especially as we have a spike in attendance over the summer due to incoming high school graduates and returning college students. As an unrepentantContinue reading “#GODonFILM: Exegeting X-MEN”