Here Among The Hinterlands And Its Residents

This past Saturday I showed up to facilitate an art therapy class for disabled / autistic people. It had been a few months since the last class and getting back into the swing for winter semester was no easy task; truth be told, it was quite difficult. I had come into the day with aContinue reading “Here Among The Hinterlands And Its Residents”

4 “Moneyisms”: Balanced Theologies on Money

I’ve been preaching a short mini-series on Money (1/12/14) called “Moneyisms; Balanced Theologies on Money.” It is the first “money talk” I’ve given in my pastoral career, and I’ve been filled w/ fear and trepidation in the preparation of it. Actually not. It’s kinda fun. And hugely powerful, because all of my (short, but growing)Continue reading “4 “Moneyisms”: Balanced Theologies on Money”