Sanctifying Monday to Friday

I grew up in a tight-nit, blue-collar, small church of about 200 where faithful people attended week-in and week-out. Sure there was drama, sure there were problems. But what left an indelible impression on me were the hard-working, honest, faithful people who provided the backbone to the church. These were my heroes, among them myContinue reading “Sanctifying Monday to Friday”

Finding Serenity As A Church Planter

COMPLAINT I have found myself laboring and complaining. Looking up at God and wondering worrying fretting about the fruit and the Harvest. I wonder why toil is so… toilsome. I wonder why by the sweat of our brow we make our bread. I wonder and question God, more than a little resentful. Exhausted. Tired. AndContinue reading “Finding Serenity As A Church Planter”

Incarnational Comedy: Reviewing Jimmy’s First Week on the Tonight Show

This is not a traditional review. It is a series of reflections on the impression made on me after a week of watching Jimmy Fallon’s debut on the Tonight Show. And while I don’t mean to chase trends, I can truly say: he has made an impression on me that has influenced some of myContinue reading “Incarnational Comedy: Reviewing Jimmy’s First Week on the Tonight Show”

The Modern Caveman’s Campfire: A Pensee on Media Addiction

Two twenty-fours. That’s how much time I spent this week detached, disconnected, unplugged, de-phoned. At times I even – gasp! – left my house without my smart device. I was off-line, off-the-grid, and I was coming unhinged. Constant urges to check my phone had to be battled, and fear that the world would collapse aroundContinue reading “The Modern Caveman’s Campfire: A Pensee on Media Addiction”

(When) The Hamster Wheel Is (Not) Heaven

As a minister, people oft-assume I deal with strictly ethereal matters, things “other-worldly” and “spiritual”. Nothing could be further from the truth, and more theologically errant. I think of the time I engaged in the “spiritual practice” of spending the night with heroine junkies and going in the morning to deliver a death notification ofContinue reading “(When) The Hamster Wheel Is (Not) Heaven”