Confessions of a Recovering Prayer Fanatic

Prayer. The hardest thing in the world. Fifteen years ago, I was a prayer fanatic. Having grown up in a holiness tradition in a Korean church, I was all about the early rising, the long hours logged in prayer, the moaning and the groaning and the angst, the knobby knees, the undecipherable words that onlyContinue reading “Confessions of a Recovering Prayer Fanatic”

The Stranger In Our Midst in Katy, TX

This past November 15th, I celebrated not only my birthday, but the 5th anniversary of the start of my ministry here in Houston. Wow. Half a decade a Texan, having come from the Pacific NW, and before that NYC. I give pause and reflect on two things – half a decade in Houston – andContinue reading “The Stranger In Our Midst in Katy, TX”