Good Friday Tenebrae Service in Houston

I’m looking forward to this Good Friday as we have our “Service of Tenebrae” here @HoustonHarvest:

The Service of Tenebrae, or “shadows,” dates back to eighth-century Rome. It grew out of a combination of night and early morning prayer, focusing on the commemoration of the passion of Jesus. The most significant aspect of this service will be the gradual extinguishing of all light, symbolizing the flight of the apostles and the ensuing darkness. The candles are us. The larger candle is Christ. This service will culminate when complete darkness is reached and a loud noise is sounded, symbolizing the final moment of Jesus’ death. However, before the end, one candle will be re-lit foreshadowing the glorious hope of resurrection.

If you’re in the metro Houston area I invite you to join us for this evening of “shadows.”