Finding Serenity As A Church Planter

COMPLAINT I have found myself laboring and complaining. Looking up at God and wondering worrying fretting about the fruit and the Harvest. I wonder why toil is so… toilsome. I wonder why by the sweat of our brow we make our bread. I wonder and question God, more than a little resentful. Exhausted. Tired. AndContinue reading “Finding Serenity As A Church Planter”

Never Thought I’d Say This But… We’re Church Planting………… Again!

It was almost a year ago, back in December 2013 when the thought first entered my mind, and it was not a welcome thought at all. I was serving at a solid church and had a stable position there as senior pastor, was getting settled in Katy, and together with my wife and kids, wereContinue reading “Never Thought I’d Say This But… We’re Church Planting………… Again!”

When Prayer Is Like Pounding On A Silent Door

In the spiritual journey… each time a door closes, the rest of the world opens up. All we have to do is to stop pounding on the door. Palmer — Pete Scazzero (@petescazzero) March 19, 2014 I’ve been preaching a series through Mark this season at my church. Truthfully it’s been a difficult process –Continue reading “When Prayer Is Like Pounding On A Silent Door”