Looking For A Church In West Houston Suburbs?

I’ve had the privilege of starting a new church with a great core group of people this past summer and we’re about to start a new phase in a new meeting location. But rewinding a bit… One of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made, was just a few months ago – to come outContinue reading “Looking For A Church In West Houston Suburbs?”

Join CAPA (Covenant Asian Pastors Gathering)

As I write this, a thousand pastors and church leaders are making their way back home from their annual trek and pilgrimage to Chicago for the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Midwinter Conference. I left a day early to attend to responsibilities back home, but was thoroughly re-invigorated from those responsibilities I had in Chicago, from presentingContinue reading “Join CAPA (Covenant Asian Pastors Gathering)”

One Denomination’s Journey Towards Racial Revolution

I’ve been privileged to serve on the Evangelical Covenant Church‘s “Ethnic Commission” along with the author of the above book, Ed Gilbreath. Allow me just to say in passing, I was drawn to this man’s quiet, thoughtful, intellectual demeanor and presence. One night talking over brews was not enough. But the company was good. TheContinue reading “One Denomination’s Journey Towards Racial Revolution”

4 “Moneyisms”: Balanced Theologies on Money

I’ve been preaching a short mini-series on Money (1/12/14) called “Moneyisms; Balanced Theologies on Money.” It is the first “money talk” I’ve given in my pastoral career, and I’ve been filled w/ fear and trepidation in the preparation of it. Actually not. It’s kinda fun. And hugely powerful, because all of my (short, but growing)Continue reading “4 “Moneyisms”: Balanced Theologies on Money”