Join CAPA (Covenant Asian Pastors Gathering)

As I write this, a thousand pastors and church leaders are making their way back home from their annual trek and pilgrimage to Chicago for the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Midwinter Conference. I left a day early to attend to responsibilities back home, but was thoroughly re-invigorated from those responsibilities I had in Chicago, from presentingContinue reading “Join CAPA (Covenant Asian Pastors Gathering)”

On Being Asian: Bellingham’s History of “No Chinese Beyond this Point”

Wow. Angryasianman has just called attention to a part of Bellingham, Washington’s past (and mine own too), which was the Chinese Exclusion Act of the early 1900’s, which systematically expelled, discriminated, and drove out Chinese-Americans up and down the West Coast. As a former resident of the town, I frequently walked past the plaque onContinue reading “On Being Asian: Bellingham’s History of “No Chinese Beyond this Point””