Post-partum Christmas depression, good-bye forever.

sorry kids, time to pack up the tree -jk

As I’ve been crafting our Advent series @ Harvest, I’ve been making a few life-altering discoveries about Christmas that on the one-hand, ruin everything – and on the other hand, redeem it completely and make it much more meaningful than it has ever been. Here they are, in numbered order:


  1. The season of Advent runs for 4 weeks – from the first Sunday after Thanksgiving right up to Christmas Eve – 4 Sundays.
  2. Advent is principally about WAITING – not celebration. So we hold our breath, bated, poised for just two more weeks – trust me, this is excruciating, even for me.
  3. Christmas is about celebration – so once Dec 25th rolls around, let your hair down, invite some friends over, pop the cork, reunite with loved ones. This is what it’s all about! I call it “practicing reunion.”
  4. The season of Christmas lasts 12 days – from Dec 25th to January 6th (the start of Epiphany) – hence, (BIG discovery!) the “12 days of Christmas” are not the 12 days leading up to Christmas, but rather, the 12 days after Christmas, encompassing the entire Christmas season.

Now you’re starting to think “OK, this means a few things” Allow me to spell them out: Continue reading “Post-partum Christmas depression, good-bye forever.”