Robin Williams and the Disease of Alcoholism

I was recently hanging with some friends who are recovered / recovering alcoholics and it fascinated me as I observed how Robin Williams’ death reverberated throughout the community. Williams was a recovered alcoholic himself, with 20 yrs of sobriety at one point, and while I would not readily associate his death to a relapse inContinue reading “Robin Williams and the Disease of Alcoholism”

The Modern Caveman’s Campfire: A Pensee on Media Addiction

Two twenty-fours. That’s how much time I spent this week detached, disconnected, unplugged, de-phoned. At times I even – gasp! – left my house without my smart device. I was off-line, off-the-grid, and I was coming unhinged. Constant urges to check my phone had to be battled, and fear that the world would collapse aroundContinue reading “The Modern Caveman’s Campfire: A Pensee on Media Addiction”