The Greatest Ministry You Or I Will Ever Do Is…

I’ve been in ministry for over a decade a now, and I’ve seen quite a bit; From border-crashing in Central Asia to performing with a live band in front of 40,000 as a missionary, from seminary studies in the edenic Vancouver to monastic living among the quiet woods & mountains of the Pacific NW, fromContinue reading “The Greatest Ministry You Or I Will Ever Do Is…”

How Do You Sabbath, Sabbatical, Rest, Play, Refuel, Re-energize?

Today’s talk on Sabbath & Burnout  was not new; it is a talk I give every year, and it is completely necessary. After the service I sat in circles and listened to stories of people burning / burned out by life, work, circumstance and so on. It was tragic. The overwhelming sense I had asContinue reading “How Do You Sabbath, Sabbatical, Rest, Play, Refuel, Re-energize?”

Art and Incarnation: Mako Fujimura

We had a discussion among our staff about the art of Makoto Fujimura this morning. He’s a New Yorker. He’s a Greenwich Village artist (my old haunting grounds back in the day @ Parsons School of Design). He’s asian (yay!) And he’s a Christian. So it intrigued me to watch an emerging figure who representsContinue reading “Art and Incarnation: Mako Fujimura”