Sojourner’s Night: Discussions in a bar about predestination, tsunamis, and daycare tragedies

Last night we had our first Sojourner’s Table Talk night where we discussed – yep – predestination, tsunamis, and daycare tragedies here in Houston (to name a few topics of discussion). It was refreshing to hear from multiple perspectives, not your usual “church” talk, and the venue was also refreshing (no pun intended).

The purpose of Sojourners Night is summarized by one of the convos I had with a friend last night, who was troubled by the insularity of Korean churches he had attended in the past. A “bubble” effect had been created, keeping churchgoers insulated from the goings-on in the outside communities, the pressing issues, the real hurts around us. I am convinced the micro-society of the Korean church will – and has already been tested, strained, and needing new wineskins to both honor this thing called heritage – and yet at the same time, reach outwardly with arms and fingers stretched out – to the community around us. But I digress.

(btw, Sojourners is not a Koreans-only night)

Sojourners is a great venue to share our stories and beliefs, and in doing so we knock the feet out from under our prejudice, fears. As the conversation is guided by a skillful facilitator, some of the most heartfelt things come to the surface that usually get brushed under the rug @ church – this is the intersection of life and belief – and it has to be openly and honestly discussed – even if the person is not coming from the same frame of reference as you. Of course, I hope that anybody I meet comes into a deep relationship with Christ. But I believe that relationship is a work-in-progress in different ppls lives, and am ok with being a listener, observer, and joyful participant in a friend’s journey.

Oh and appetizers are on us. Drinks are up to you.

Sojourners is a moveable meeting. It’s not fixed to any particular location, but is held at locations accessible to ppl after work. It is not held in the church (attractional), but rather the church going out to the locales, the third places, the cafes, the pubs, the places of gathering (incarnational). What’s great is that people love to gather. People like to eat. And occasionally have a cold one. And what better to do those over good conversation.

For next month we’re thinking about meeting in the inner loop TBA

Sojourners is once a month. We had a good group of just shy of 10 last night – and I think everyone had fun. I think a small crowd of regulars will continue to show up, don’t be shy to be the first. It’s open to all, religious, areligious, agnostic, atheist, or whatever stripe you are. We won’t preach at ya’ but as one gal described last night: “y’all are non-judgmental – I like that.”

Hit me up if you’d like to know more, or, if you’d like to attend the next Sojourners.

Pursuing Vocational / Career Holiness: Workplace Spirituality for Houstonians

If I am honest, throughout my life I’ve struggled with this thing called “career.” “Vocation.” “Job match.” My calling was realized little later than usual for most people and I jumped through quite a few hoops to arrive where I am now, as senior pastor at Harvest Church in Houston, TX.

The short of it is, how many of us are satisfied / happy / enjoy what we do?

I’d like to take a moment to ask what you do, and even to take the poll answering “how satisfied are you with your job?”

Feel free to elaborate in comments below.