Well It’s Final… We’re Moving to Houston

After a steady flow of conversations that culminated in a wonderful visit, we have finally received a pastoral call to minister in/to the city of Houston, TX, at Harvest Community Church where I will be serving as senior pastor. As Ash and I watched this church from a distance we became increasingly intrigued and openedContinue reading “Well It’s Final… We’re Moving to Houston”

Maybe I’ll Plant Again

Still fresh from licking my wounds after closing down missio (interestingly the last few posts have been about church planting) I find myself actually open again to the idea of planting again someday. Mind you, I would never ever plant again the way we did it before. Not to discredit our work and those who’veContinue reading “Maybe I’ll Plant Again”

What Does “Plodding” Mean Anyway?

There are slow seasons and there are fast ones. This is a slow one for me. Things don’t fit into place as smoothly quickly, traffic is slower, buzz has decreased, momentum is slowing down. Just about the only thing right now that is growing quickly and robustly is Austin. We just celebrated his bek-il (100Continue reading “What Does “Plodding” Mean Anyway?”

Hats Off To P.S. 24 in Flushing, NY

Thanks to Facebook, I just reconnected with a friend I knew in elementary school, all but 20 years ago. He was referred to me by another friend from elementary school, this guy I knew even longer… the miracles of Facebook. When my old friend Simon suggested I might remember Johnny Hampton – that just madeContinue reading “Hats Off To P.S. 24 in Flushing, NY”