Prayers For Racial Reconciliation


Events in our nation and in this great state of TX are causing us to shout past each other, and not to hear nor listen. Prayer is the way forward; listening to the Other as we listen to ourselves, all before a Holy God. Here are some helpful prayers of Woven:

The Set Aside Prayer:“Dear God please help me to set aside everything I think I know about [people. place or thing] so I may have an open mind and a new experience.  Please help me to see the truth about [people. place or thing]. Amen.”

Prayer for a Better Way:

“God, please show me how to find the way of Patience, Tolerance, Kindness and Love in my heart, my Mind and my Soul. Lord, show me how to demonstrate these principles to all those around me. Amen.”

Prayer of Radical Acceptance:

God, help me to practice radical acceptance today. To receive whatever and whomever comes my way. To resist nothing. To turn my cheek, to give my cloak. To take no offense at offense. Only then will I be open, only then can I meet You today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

And so we pray for those hurting in our nation today, as well as those who serve our communities to keep it safe.

I pray we can use these prayers as a Way to greater openness and to allow Christ to show us a better Way forward. Continued blessings and protection upon our communities and our police.


Published by Wayne Park

Asian-American clergyman thinking about issues of faith, place, race and culture-making in the vast city of Houston, TX

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