#BaltimoreRiots: Multiple Narratives, Many Stories

A story is never perfectly told from one side.

My heart has been broken to see the pictures pouring out of Baltimore, and I began to search for other narratives and found these – photos by 26-yr old Baltimore native Devin Allen taking pictures on the ground – it’s a different story out there. Click to enlarge and make sure to read the captions below:

‘He stood on the front lines with us and got pepper sprayed….a brother saw his pain and came to his aid with milk ::::: Deeper than skin and if you stand with us your my brother and or sister idc [I don’t care] what color you are’
‘Some of my friends, they became police and patrolled their neighbourhoods because of what they went through growing up, they wanted to make the police better.’ He says of the photo above: ‘This guy was tearing up … anyone who wants to make the city better by doing their job, I respect that.’
Allen’s work is entirely independent – he says the local newspaper, the Baltimore Sun, has turned him down in the past. The above photo ended up on a national TV news report. ‘This is a photo of a man and his son at a peaceful protest. But the rest of the report was all about riots and violence.’
The majority did not take part in violent acts most was trying to help, news wont say that #ripfreddiegray | #DVNLLN
The majority did not take part in violent acts most was trying to help, news wont say that #ripfreddiegray | #DVNLLN

and these as well:

As I prepare a sermon this Sunday on racial righteousness and justice, these will rotate in my mind powerfully, and painfully. May the Gospel be preached and may we find a way forward. Together.

Published by Wayne Park

Asian-American clergyman thinking about issues of faith, place, race and culture-making in the vast city of Houston, TX

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