Free Audio Downloads on CS Lewis – commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of his death

From now until tomorrow MIDNIGHT (Dec 7, 2013) you don’t want to miss this chance to download FREE talks on C.S. Lewis from some leading thinkers / scholars / pastors in evangelicalism:

JI Packer:

C.S. Lewis & the Chronicles of Narnia – FREE

C.S. Lewis: The Man from Narnia – FREE

Alister McGrath:

The Life and Impact of C.S. Lewis – FREE

Philip Ryken:

Clive the Evangelist – FREE

James Houston & Sharon Jebb Smith:

Contemporary Prayer Life: C.S. Lewis & Balthasar – FREE

Earl Palmer:

What Makes the Story Good? C.S. Lewis’ The Lion… – FREE

Ralph Wood:

Tolkien & Lewis: Friends & Combatants – FREE

and more here!

Don’t miss your chance; you’ve got until Midnight on Sat Dec 7!

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