7 Reasons Why I Am Not Offended By The Movie “Red Dawn”

Yup. Saw this coming. The re-make of the 1984 film was fraught with trouble, and was bound to mess up big time. So what did they do? Go ahead and film it anyway. The fan tailgaters make for some pretty vitriolic reading; but hey, I’m pretty thick-skinned! Here’s one Korean’s response to Why I Am Not Offended By “Red Dawn”:

1.  Because Red Dawn, Part II will be about a Korean who rises from the ashes and takes over the US using mind control through a catchy pop song.

2.  Because it’s an unoriginal idea. Obviously the producers haven’t been to Flushing.

3.  Because I love having to clarify – “no, I’m not from that Korea.”

4.  Because I am intrigued by the idea of spicy pickled cabbage becoming standardized fare in America.

5.  Because the North Korean film response will be awesome: “Glorious Sunrise of the People’s Republic that Will Liberate Her Daughters from Evil Western Powers”

6.  Because patriotism is a good thing. Confusing sometimes, but a good thing.

7.  Because when it really came down to it, selling you cars and refrigerators was just a front; what we really want… is Spokane.

For more brilliant twitter responses to Red Dawn see here.

Published by Wayne Park

Asian-American clergyman thinking about issues of faith, place, race and culture-making in the vast city of Houston, TX

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