GOD ON FILM – coming to Houston, TX – JUNE 2011

GOD ON FILM series – June/July 2011!

You heard right; I’m pretty stoked about our upcoming new series @ Harvest Community Church starting the first week of JUNE 2011. For seven weeks, we’ll be covering the summer blockbusters and looking for “God on Film” – as portrayed through culture, media, and the lens of the movie camera. So take a look @ the schedule below, grab your popcorn, watch the film, and come out to a discussion on Saturday / Sunday!


JUNE 4/5:  THE TREE of LIFE – musings on childhood, complicated fathers, the lost soul in a modern world, the origins of life and the existence of faith. Starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn – need we say more? Great way to kick off this series.

JUNE 11/12:  MIDNIGHT in PARIS – a romantic comedy by Woody Allen. We’ll be discussing delusion, misanthropy, fear, groping for meaning all with a Woody Allen-esque sense of humor.

JUNE 18/19:  X-MEN – talking about themes of the “Other” / the outsider / the alien. This present-day action movie re-plays older themes of Kafka-esque alienation experienced by so many of us.

June 25/26:  WAITING for SUPERMAN – the centerpiece of our series, we will be hosting a free screening followed by a public discussion involving local Houston-area educators. We will also have the principal of International high school in Sharpstown as a  special guest sharing his thoughts on how to move forward in educating ALL of our children – including the “least of these.”

July 2/3:  SUPER 8 – Anything produced by Spielberg and JJ Abrams has got to serve up good suspense, mystery, and deep philosophical questions about life today.

July 9/10:  TRANSFORMERS – We’ll be considering the universe-wide clash between good and evil. Starring Optimus Prime.

July 16/17:  HARRY POTTER – while it has taken a darker twist of late, this series speaks profoundly about good and evil, childhood and innocence, tremendous yet unbridled potential, and the portent (or tremendous hope) of this thing called destiny.


We hope you will join us for at least one of these looks into “GOD on FILM.” See you at the movies – and then @ church.

Published by Wayne Park

Asian-American clergyman thinking about issues of faith, place, race and culture-making in the vast city of Houston, TX

7 thoughts on “GOD ON FILM – coming to Houston, TX – JUNE 2011

  1. *** change of schedule ***

    June 5 – X-MEN

    June 12 – KUNG FU PANDA 2 (yes, I know, but it is the first film directed by an asian-american woman, and deals with themes of technology / progress / and even Biblical genocide… just thought I should add that reasoning there…

    June 18/19 – THE TREE OF LIFE

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