Easter Sunday Service in Houston (I-10 & Hwy 6 77084)

This Sunday Harvest Community Church of Houston will be kicking off a new 6-week series titled, Thinking About… FOREVERMORE. Aptly, we begin with the resurrection of Christ, but continue on with a discussion about our resurrections –> (what does that look like?), about life in the hereafter (what does the church throughout history have to say about that anyway?), about those who’ve already crossed over (and maybe never got a chance to receive the memo…? about Jesus???), about the nature of (a Trinitarian) God (lots of messages about what God is like, but few about who God is), and some other stuff.

But we’re talkin’ about Easter.

And frankly, this is THE important day of our faith (although I contend, that Ascension Sunday is just as important, but you’re just gonna have to wait a few weeks for more on that…) so come on out and join the celebration. Y’all are more than welcome.

What to expect

  • An earnest discussion about faith that tires of the religious cliches, but is looking for answers that are deeper, harder, more somber, more flippant, more free, more binding to the cross.
  • A church striving to grow in diversity, at all levels, in ethnicity, in gender, in class, in generation, in leadership.
  • A family community of all ages. (childcare is provided for young ones, toddler through pre-school – we are currently working on expanding Sunday school for youth).
  • An imperfect community. If you are looking for the complete package in a church that doubles as a shopping mall catering to all of our consumerist urges, then we’re probably not for you. But if you’re looking for something genuine, we’re striving for that too.
  • A church that looks forward and backward. Simultaneously at the post-modern, post-church landscape, and yet is in touch with a rich Christian heritage going back to the first century. We are also looking forward and backwards in the sense that we are historically an immigrant church – and we will never forget – nor turn back on – our roots.

What not to expect

  • The Easter bash to top all (other church’s) bashes. Nope, not gonna do it (in the voice of a late 90’s comedian).
  • An amazing service that is so elaborately designed that you walk out feeling a sense of the holy – but made no personal contact with anyone. Our service is less than perfect. Our band is pretty good. But where we try hard is in reaching out to get to know folks.
  • Lots of sugary stuff – I’m sorry – not to be a miser at all – the kids need to be motivated (trust me I know) but we just don’t have the bandwidth to go out on a limb and concoct the coolest, hiphopitty-est Easter replete with a mountain of peeps and bunnies and hidden eggs.

I think you get the message. All this to say:

we are a church


to walk the way of the cross

in the city of Houston, Texas,

enjoying our freedom in Christ but at the same time

bound to the cross –

and working out the implications

of what that means in our common society today.

Published by Wayne Park

Asian-American clergyman thinking about issues of faith, place, race and culture-making in the vast city of Houston, TX

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