Lent Reflections: Entering into the Sufferings of a Different Race

I’ve spent the past two weeks tackling the subject of race, really breaking up some of the groundwork that causes us to skirt the subject, fear of political (in)correctness. I’d rather we air our dirty laundry than to allow it to fester in a back room. In many ways it was prompted by a prayer by Debbie Blue, the Executive Minister in the ECC’s Dept of Compassion & Mercy:

“Lament is not something we should avoid or run away from, but… it as a gift and a discipline. It is a place where we enter into the pain and the brokenness of one another and in our world. Can we become pain-bearers and stand in those places together with others?… God may our hearts be broken for the things that break your heart.”

It was also prompted by heated discussions over @ nextgenerasianchurch.com:

“What in the world is an “Asian-American Christian”?… It is discussions like these that bring segregation back into the spot-light. GET OVER YOURSELVES and focus on your relationship with God.”

Race?! Always race. Jesus Christ, and Him alone, is what being a Christian is about… Asian, European, African, white American, etc., it does not matter.”

“Is Christ divided?… I pray no believer… (reads) this and (stumbles)… thinking that now race and denomination matters. Because it doesn’t. And now, we’re worried about skin color? Are these the thoughts of a believer?”

While I don’t think these represent the sentiment behind my community at all, I have felt the need to address these from the ground up because I agree that all things need to be tested in light of Scripture and that is what I have endeavored to do; prove that a theology of race begins in the Bible itself.

So here are mp3’s of my talk on the subject, titled “Lent: Becoming Pain Bearers – Faith & Race”



What about you?

Do you resonate with the words “race… denomination… doesn’t matter?

Or do you beg to differ?


Published by Wayne Park

Asian-American clergyman thinking about issues of faith, place, race and culture-making in the vast city of Houston, TX

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