MARCH 13 / FREEDOM SUNDAY: 1 out of 4 Nat’l Human Trafficking Cases Comes from Houston

Update*** Join us this Sunday, March 13 @HoustonHarvest to be educated, to learn, to be provoked, disturbed. Not much of a selling line, but this problem is real and very close to home.

I was shocked to hear the above statistic.

And it’s been confirmed many times over, from different sources. Which is why I was compelled to attend the Free the Captives Anti-Trafficking conference. It was primarily educational for me – as I am new to this cause, and here are some insights garnered:

We need to use the right language:

Are they “Prostitutes”?

“Sex workers”?

“Dancers, masseuse, exotic models”?

No. In trafficking circles – and hopefully soon outside, more and more – the correct terminology is “Commercially Sexually-Exploited Children” or “CSEC.” Many times even our language objectifies women; it is important to clarify that these women are EXPLOITED. In fact, most victims of domestic sex trafficking do not know they are victims and are made to think it is their own choice. The brainwashing is to an extent where, even after rescuing, they still don’t think they are victims and will still talk affectionately about their pimp.

The brainwashing and exploitation is reinforced by the fostering of “psuedo-communities” – that is to say, a communal society is created within the massage parlor, or the brothel, so as to reinforce the ties to the pimp, the system, and perpetuate the need to be needed.

As a result, “rescuing” exploited women is harder than thought; it involves extraction from one harmful community along with its worldview of exploitation. It involves physical healing (Matt 20:29-34) as bodies have been ravaged by violent sex. It involves spiritual healing (John 8:1-11) that for a woman, her existence is not to make a man “happy.” It involves relational healing (Luke 15:11-32) for women who no longer know how to relate normally when it is husbands, fathers, men wearing crosses who visit them.

Sex Trafficking in HOUSTON…

219 spas   X   4 women in each…

= 876 women exploited per day in Houston

876 women   X   12 “Johns” per day…

= 10,512 abuses every day in Houston

10,512 abuses    X    365 days…

= 3,836,880 abuses (RAPES) a year

and yes, that’s what they are – RAPES.

What are the needs here in Houston? Don’t just throw money at a problem; Doctors, attorneys, lawyers, gynecologists, tutors, teachers, educators – YOU ARE ALL NEEDED. Aftercare is needed, as these women can’t find employment anywhere. Who are they going to list as references? Their pimp? Where are they going to live? There are SAFEHOUSES… Legislative work is required… There are ways to plug in and these are beginning steps:




o Doctors



Mobilizing for mission



o Tutors

o Teachers

o Gynecologists


Published by Wayne Park

Asian-American clergyman thinking about issues of faith, place, race and culture-making in the vast city of Houston, TX

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